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Jun 13

Profile: Brendah Malahleka

With a 30+ year career, Brendah Malahleka has significant experience in social welfare. She has also held several senior management positions at large firms.

Having traveled to areas in Africa, Scotland, and England, she has acquired knowledge and honed her skills over the years.

Her expertise is acknowledged by some of the leading media organizations in the world such as Radio Scotland, BBC, Radio 4, and the London Programme. She’s given interviews on the subject numerous times along with being invited as a keynote speaker at conferences across the world.

With her desire to help others pursue their dreams, has opened a coaching company to reach their potential. As the managing director of this company, she has provided several clients with the opportunity to advance in their fields and become the best versions of themselves.

What does all of this connect back to? It paints a fascinating picture of what a client will receive from her coaching once a plan has been laid out. This coaching is all-encompassing and can pinpoint the intricacies of one’s life-based needs and showcase how appropriate planning can lead to professional development.

The coaching revolves around the concepts of integrity, communication, and personal growth. Brendah Malahleka has always aimed to integrate new techniques and methods to help clients grow and achieve their potential.

The beauty of this program is the breadth of knowledge she has to empower clients with. Having worked in management positions at both the public and private level, there is a well-rounded nature to the program and how it unfolds for those deciding to join in. Being able to learn from an individual who has achieved significant growth over the years is helpful and provides great value to a client hoping to maximize his/her value in any niche.

Why select this company over the others? Is an experienced managing director such as enough to garner results?

Her experience is just the tip of the iceberg. It begins with the well-laid out plan for each client which is customized down to the last detail. Continuous learning and development are vital, and this company helps provide a liberating perspective.

Being pushed to be the best and receiving constant support can make all the difference. believes coaching is more than guidance; it is encouragement every step of the way towards a brighter future for all involved.

Joining in is the way to a better self.