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Sep 15

Easy Coat Ltd: The Leaders In Home Improvement And Roofing!

Are you searching for a reputed home improvement and roofing company in the United Kingdom? You have to be patient and do your research properly when picking the right contractor for the job. If not, you are wasting your time and money in choosing a fly-by-night contractor in the area. There are hundred of service providers in the country, but some of them are not up to the mark. You will regret the decision of hiring such a contractor when you start facing various problems with the workmanship performed by the contractor after some time. This is where a reputed and experienced home improvement and roofing company such as Easy Coat Ltd comes in handy. Here are some important facts about – the best home improvement and roofing company in the UK. was established in 2014 by a team of professional and experienced contractors in the home improvement and building industry. The company became quite popular as a reliable contractor among a majority of clients within a short time frame. This is why the company has been creating quite a buzz on the market for some time now. If you want a company that offers 100% customer satisfaction on the work performed, you won’t find a better service than Easy Coat. The company is FCA approved as a licensed trader in the country. provides affordable quotes on a no obligation basis. The price you see on the quotation is what you finally pay. In fact, there are no hidden charges similar to most of the other home improvement companies in the country. This is why you need to choose Easy Coat for all your home improvement, renovation, and building work in the United Kingdom.

Jun 13

Profile: Brendah Malahleka

With a 30+ year career, Brendah Malahleka has significant experience in social welfare. She has also held several senior management positions at large firms.

Having traveled to areas in Africa, Scotland, and England, she has acquired knowledge and honed her skills over the years.

Her expertise is acknowledged by some of the leading media organizations in the world such as Radio Scotland, BBC, Radio 4, and the London Programme. She’s given interviews on the subject numerous times along with being invited as a keynote speaker at conferences across the world.

With her desire to help others pursue their dreams, has opened a coaching company to reach their potential. As the managing director of this company, she has provided several clients with the opportunity to advance in their fields and become the best versions of themselves.

What does all of this connect back to? It paints a fascinating picture of what a client will receive from her coaching once a plan has been laid out. This coaching is all-encompassing and can pinpoint the intricacies of one’s life-based needs and showcase how appropriate planning can lead to professional development.

The coaching revolves around the concepts of integrity, communication, and personal growth. Brendah Malahleka has always aimed to integrate new techniques and methods to help clients grow and achieve their potential.

The beauty of this program is the breadth of knowledge she has to empower clients with. Having worked in management positions at both the public and private level, there is a well-rounded nature to the program and how it unfolds for those deciding to join in. Being able to learn from an individual who has achieved significant growth over the years is helpful and provides great value to a client hoping to maximize his/her value in any niche.

Why select this company over the others? Is an experienced managing director such as enough to garner results?

Her experience is just the tip of the iceberg. It begins with the well-laid out plan for each client which is customized down to the last detail. Continuous learning and development are vital, and this company helps provide a liberating perspective.

Being pushed to be the best and receiving constant support can make all the difference. believes coaching is more than guidance; it is encouragement every step of the way towards a brighter future for all involved.

Joining in is the way to a better self.

May 10

Jagatdas Anthathi: Professional Investor

Why do so many people refuse to get into the world of investing? What is the hesitation all about? It involves not understanding the core dynamics of investing especially when it entails properties. There are many investment concerns a person can have, and it is going to cause considerable grief. It is essential to find a method where it becomes easier to invest and find the right fit.

This is why Jagatdas Anthathi is an outstanding option to consider when it concerns property investments and general property development. A portfolio of properties is not built in a day. It requires countless years of work, but with a guide alongside, the learning curve can be reduced considerably. Many investors have dived in and seen incredible results.

Why should an investor be looking at going with a specialist in the UK property market? Why not dabble in it on their own and see how it turns out? The biggest concern would be the risk factor because the investment is sizable and that means the losses can be monumental as well for individuals.

It is best to be in a position where the loss is not out of control and hard to deal with. This is why is an excellent option. He is a professional who has been working in the UK market for years and has a good understanding of the intricate details. It is those nuances that can have a lasting impact on one’s portfolio.

There are many intricate details to look at such as the contractual requirements and general assessment of areas. The number of investors is also increasing in the market, which means the competition has risen compared to years past. Many individuals are beginning to notice the power of the UK property market and how valuable it can be.

When this is the case, it becomes doubly important to ensure the right estate agent is being brought on. Jag Anthathi is not an average estate agent. This is an accredited professional who is continually upgrading his knowledge of the market while running personal research studies on what works and what simply does not.

The clients who seek out professional assistance are the ones who push to the top while other investors are left watching. An excellent estate agent is now a must for those who seek true quality in this day and age.

Apr 01

Silverback Elektriker: Providing Professional Construction Labor Conveniently

Labor needs for construction jobs are very demanding. For contractors, it is always challenging to find the right quality and quantity of labor, especially in foreign countries. Matters of qualification of the workers, compliance to regulations of the workforce and the cost of hiring the workforce create complexities, which many at times can cause disruptions in the progression of the project.

To shield the project from such kinds of distraction, contractors have realized that it is best to contract labor providing companies to handle all the labor logistics and needs that their projects may needs. This makes the management of the project a notch easier. Silverback Elektriker is of such companies that operate in Europe and strives to provide professional labor to contractors, engineers, and civil construction companies.

Silverback Elektriker is an Irish based supplier of construction labor that focuses on supplying high-quality and professional labor to engineering teams and civil construction companies. The success of any development project is highly pegged on the quality of workforce that is involved in the project. does the sourcing of labor, making it tremendously easy for contractors to engage in development straight off the mark.

Flexibility Of SilverBack’s Offerings

In most cases, the company provides flexible hire-in labor teams to provide a workforce that works on some aspect of the job or the whole project. Depending on a contractor’s labor needs, SilverBack is able to supply the right quality of the workforce, at the right quality.

SilverBack not only supplies labor force to local contractors. The company has over the years gained invaluable experience in supplying labor to international contractors, supplying skilled, experienced labor who have a vast understanding of the latest construction techniques in Europe and beyond.

Beyond providing labor, the company provides consultancy services on matters of human resource management, regulatory compliance affairs, and the best fiscal management practices.

What To Expect When You Contract Silverback Elektriker

The main aim of civil and mechanical engineers contracting a workforce provider is to negate all the hassle that comes with hiring and managing a construction workforce. To this end, SilverBack works towards providing hard working teams consisting of highly skilled and motivated workforce. For the interest of enhancing proficiency in communication, the teams that contractors have access to have a full understanding of English. Contractors should also expect the best practices in managing the labor forces, with transparency in structure and the processes being given priority. Additionally, for any out-of-work arising issues that the labor force may have, contractors are assured that SilverBack will handle it, reducing any instances of inconvenience.

Trades Provided By SilverBack

Construction work entails a variety of trades that must be used concurrently as the project proceeds. SilverBack is able to provide the majority of the trade required to complete a construction job successfully. Among the trades trade that they offer include steel fixers, coded welders, pipe fitters, concrete finishers, reinforcement workers, crane and machinery operators, shuttering and formwork carpenters and brick layer and plasters.

For the best site safety and productivity, only the best workforce can suffice. SilverBack Elektriker gives contractors the best in labor quality, all the while ensuring cost effectiveness and compliance are adhered to.

Jan 22

Irvine Sellar Wiki

When climbing to the top of commercial property industries, it takes drive, hard work and a capacity to think outside of the box. Irvine Sellar Wiki talks about these qualities in spades, and they have provided him the opportunity to develop a name for himself, while closing on some amazing projects.

Having excelled at his niche of fashion, Sellars went on to open the Sellar Property Group, which has been in operation for years. One example of an excellent property he opened to the public not long ago is the Shard — the tallest building in London, which was more than a decade in the making prior to being unveiled – see .

This is an example of Sellar never settling, as he was 73 years old by the time this project was turned around and unveiled to the public. It features more than 600,000 square feet of space, which is being leased to a variety of commercial practitioners throughout the city. Irvine Sellar handles all matters of business with flair and wit and has been known for his charisma. He always operates with a positive attitude, operating under the assumption that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

That way of doing business has benefited Sellar for greater than four decades, as that’s how long his property group has been around and thriving. He owns and operates the property group business and manages a team of about a dozen professionals. It is his work ethic and attention to detail that has continuously carried this company far and this company remains one of the largest throughout the entire United Kingdom.

As you consider an example of hard work an dedication in the field of real estate, make sure to keep Irvine Sellar at the very top of your list.

Dec 07

The Charm Of David Hardman IFA

The will to succeed and a creative mind that is hard to replicate is something one can state to define David Hardman IFA. This is an experienced individual with a financial prowess, unlike any other independent financial advisor. This is a well-regarded individual with the professional experience clients dream of when hoping to plan their financial future moving forward. It is his willingness to commit to quality and being able to work hard when pushing for results is what attracts clients to him. His knowledge with everything finance related is hard to beat.

Builds Quality Relationships

What separates David Hardman from the rest. It is the desire to build a successful relationship with his clients in a bid to grow together.

This is what financial planning and/or management are all about at the end of the day.

The cultivation of a great relationship ensures the results come in on a regular basis.

Pushes For Success

Failure is not an option. This is what David Hardman IFA believes and his methods show it. This is an individual with one of the finest portfolios in the UK and it has been built through a desire to succeed.

Highest Standards

Argent Wealth has not been built without a comprehensive quality control process which is adhered to. David Hardman IFA is one of the individuals who has put together this meticulous quality control process to ensure results continue to come in as desired.

Clients deserve nothing but the best and this is what they get with a firm which pushes for the highest standards. David has a blog at and another one about football at   .

Tired of going with those advisors who are looking to push one out the door as soon as a meeting begins? This is unfair and something no one should have to deal with. David Hardman understands this and appreciates the value of a client and listening to what they have to say. This is where a beautiful relationship can be built towards a brighter financial future.


Argent Wealth Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 515379

Nov 29

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cycling?

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and offers many benefits, both mental and physical. One of the real advantages of cycling is that you can do it anywhere there are roads or trails to ride on. Depending on the climate where you live, you can ride year-round. Even if you have snowy winters, you can still get out and ride your bike with the right equipment.

The advice of Adolor Uwamu should be listened to. He suggests that you think of cycling as more than just a form of exercise. Think of it as a lifestyle choice that will affect the rest of your life. When you start to ride your bike on a regular basis, you may find that your whole point of view begins to shift.

Another benefit of cycling is that it is easy to fit into your existing schedule. You do not have to make a lot of changes to your lifestyle or your routine when you start to ride your bike. Instead, you can easily find time to head out for a ride at any time of day. You can even start riding your bike to work if you live near enough.

You can get more info at the following sites:

Emulating the example of Adolor Uwamu and riding your bike every day is a great way to improve your overall fitness level and strengthen your mind and body. Cycling does not just make your legs stronger, but helps you strengthen every muscle in your body. When you ride a bike, all of your muscles have to work together, so they all get a good workout.

Of all the various forms of exercise, cycling is one of the best. All you need is a good bike and a helmet. Before long, you may discover that cycling has become an integral part of your life.

Oct 14

Fossus Energy Ltd Helps To Maintain Stability In The Oil And Gas Markets

Despite the doom and gloom associated with the oil markets around the world, there is no sign of either demand dropping, or the resource itself running out. In fact, not only are new areas being discovered that hold large amounts of oil and gas, new technology is allowing older wells to produce more barrels than what was predicted when they first opened. The improvements in oil extraction over the last decade has been amazing, and these advances are set to continue. It is thanks to companies, such as Fossus Energy Ltd, that the flow of oil continues as a much needed resource, without any breaks in supply.

Although worldwide demand for gas has increased year on year for over a decade now, with many new power stations being gas powered, demand for oil is still at a high. The US in recent years has been running a huge fracking program, and may even become an exporter in the future, although they will still need to import oil and gas for a few years yet. deals with oil and gas from the Far East, Western Africa, the Mediterranean and Middle East. By spreading the supply chain around the world, it means that the supply will rarely, if ever, be interrupted.

It is this ability to supply the product on a constant basis that makes a stand-out company. Changes in the supply chain can affect prices, and reliable suppliers and oil traders help to stabilize the price. The price is very important to the world’s economies, and erratic prices for oil and gas can cause a lot of problems. With world supplies likely to continue for over a hundred years, the future for this company is bright.

Jun 02

Review of QubeGB

QubeGB is a UK based telecommunication engineering company that does over 400,000 installations across the country on an annual basis. The company employs some of the best field engineers in the telecommunication industry. They are tested meticulously for aptitude and knowledge since the company is aware that the quality of their service would eventually depend on the employees they hire. A strict pre-qualification process is implemented to ensure that the company only hire the competent and knowledgeable individuals for the job. Anyone hired by QubeGB should meet the high customer service standards set by the company. The employees are constantly trained and undergo frequent appraisals to upgrade their standards to meet the company aspirations. This is why QubeGB has been winning high accolades from all quarters for their excellent customer service.

QubeGB was formed in January 2007 by Raymond Kerr and Darren Bunker. The company was established with the mission of providing the most comprehensive and client responsive telecommunication engineering and installation services within the UK. The customer focused approach of the company ensured that they provide innovative and prompt solutions to their valued customer. They service diverse requirements of their clients in the field of telecommunication engineering, e-commerce platforms and IT related services. This has earned the company “ISO 9001 Quality Management System” standards from the International Standards Organization. Reviews of QubeGB demonstrate that it is a great company. Look at for example.

Team communication is what has helped the company to come such a long way on the success ladder. Our team of professionals would provide real-time reporting on all projects they undertake. Transparency is one of the main features during any project carried out by the company. The customer is always updated about the progress of the project and kept up-to-date throughout the lifespan of the project. This quality has been instrumental with the mega success and good quality QubeGB reviews positioning them as a telecommunication giant throughout the UK.

May 21

Some warnings associated with Modeling as a career


Short Description: Modeling as a career has a lot of perks as well as risks along with it, as well. Some of the very important things one should always keep in mind during the course of a modeling career have been discussed in detail here. Read the article to know more.

Your safety should be your prime concern and for this, if you are planning a photo shoot with a photographer you have met online, it is highly recommended that you bring a chaperone to the shoot just for the sake of your own safety. Else, at least make sure to do a background check on the photographer first. This will help you feel safe as well as focus on the shoot, which will bring out your best in the pictures.

It is a common practice that is a part and parcel of the modeling career, of going under the knife to maintain your looks. As, looks are one of the few important things, professional s associated with your work might ask you to get nose jobs, liposuction, or have breast implants. The pressure of modeling can cause a lot of long term mental health problems, including eating disorders and so it is important to always have people with whom one can talk to regarding any issue related to modeling. No matter what happens, one should always remember that a job isn’t worth your health and which should be taken care of always.

Contract and agreements are to be carefully read and then only signed, and if you are not in the practice of doing that, you better start doing it. This will help you escape any sort of foul play, which keeps happening in these kinds of professions. Also, beware of any agency that asks for money up front. Reason being, they usually earn through commissions generated when you get a contract. So, for their own profits, they have to find you work. But if you have already paid them upfront, the incentive of getting commissions would be lost on them and you would just end up without any work. Other models that are with the same agency can also be contacted. You can find UK models reviews  at and other places.

One has to be very skeptical of a career in modeling and the offer one gets. If invited to a photo shoot overseas, be sure to have your own arrangements for a return ticket, else you’ll be depended on them for your safe return back home. Scenarios like these have forced in many girls into prostitution and trades like these because they couldn’t see through the traps that came along with the lucrative offers. Modeling scams are very real and very easy to fall victim to, especially in a very competitive environment where everyone is vying to become the top model and earn more and more money.